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cyCanyoning is an adventure sports with thrilling experience that involves traveling down creeks or streams within a canyon by a variety of means including hiking, scrambling, swimming, wading, boulder hopping, rock climbing, abseiling and rappelling using safe techniques. It is an amazing full body and mind experience that enables you to explore some of the last forbidden places in the Himalayas. Expert canyoning guides will lead you in abseiling, climbing, jumping and sliding down steep canyon walls and waterfalls to deep pools below.
Canyoning is comprehensive package for experiencing adventure that requires technical skills of stream navigation, rope and canyoning gears work and preparedness for risk minimization. Your safety depends on your judgment based on competent instruction, experience and a realistic assessment of abilities and understanding of current canyon conditions.

The Panglang Khola is a pristine canyon just by The Last Resort offering a challenging introduction to what canyoning is all about. This canyon prepares people for the Kahaule Khola and other canyons with a lot of abseiling.
The Kanglang Khola is one level up from Panglang and introduces you to jumping and sliding besides spectacular abseils. The walk up to Kanglang Khola has beautiful views of the snow peaks of the Tibetan Plateau and the green Nepali valleys. In combination with Panglang Khola, Kanglang Khola gives you a fun and divers two days canyoning trip.
The Bhukuthe Khola, is the limit of technical commercial canyoning. This spectacular high volume canyon has many abseils including a phenomenal 60 meter waterfall. A very scenic 40 minute walk through field and forest and a 10 minute walk back to the Last resort means we have one of the world most beautiful canyons right at your doorstep. This is a canyon not to be missed

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