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About Tibet

Tibet, a region of mystery color and culture, has flourished in secrecy for centuries. A medieval magic of a land where people eat, sleep and breathe religion, following traditions laid down one hundred lifetimes ago. Tibet is steeped in the grit, toil and celebration of life and is a very special place with a long and complex history. Despite of the invasion of China in 1959 and the inevitable dilution of Tibetan culture, Tibet has proven over the years that its way of life has been able to withstand this influence, where power of thought and life itself do overcome the modern ravages of politics. Tibet a place for the traveler to cast away any preconceptions he or she may have and join in the journey of discovery along the way... at least for a while.
With the help of the buttons above you can navigate our Tibet section and get more information on the services we provide. Our places of interest section gives you information on all the places worth seeing and with the help of us you can assemble your very own and unique tour. To make it more easy, we have already selected some popular and fabulous Tours and trekking which can be altered or combined to your liking as well.
Let us take you on a magnificent journey through Tibet that will last for a lifetime.

Trekking in Tibet

Trekking in Tibet is hiking at altitudes of between 4390m (14400ft) to 5150m (16,900ft). Most of the trekking areas are arid, haunting, dry and wild and take commitment. In general the trek are combined with journeys overland by Land Cruiser and sometimes some sightseeing activities. However every trek and every itinerary given can be altered to your likings. All our trekking Tours are fully catered camping packages including an all support crew you need for your trek through Tibet.

Tours in Tibet

We are well established in both our knowledge and experience of Tibetan travel and we are keen to share this experience with you. Below are some of the set itineraries we offer. If you have a specific itinerary of your own, we'd be happy to work with you to design a tailor made journey. Please send us an email or fill out our booking form to let us help you with your questions and we'll reply promptly with costs, timin gs and suggestions for your tour in Tibet.
Below we have made a selection of Sightseeing Tours that we organize in Tibet.

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We spent 15 days with Yam and his guys, 7 days camping and 8 days tee-house trekking and we had wonderful experience. The service on camping part was even better than the te.. Read more


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